5 Min w/ dreamy Fanny Klefeldt November 23, 2015 – Posted in: BRAND

Fanny Klefeld is a Swedish Actress & model living in London.  I got to know Fanny when we lived together in a small flat in Victoria Road in London. She’s super fun, obsessive about Nutella and a total babe. Photoshot coming up in the next cuple weeks when the clothing finaly drops.

Hey Fanny, What’s up?

Hey hey hey!!!

Who the hell are you and what do you do?

I am Fanny Klefelt, a 22 year old swedish actress with a passion for everything happi obviously!

Daily essential that you carry with you and why.

My travel backgammon has a permanent place in my bag. You never know when you would need to play a good round of backgammon.

Tell us a guilty pleasure that many may not know about?

Hmm guilty pleasures… I do not usually feel too guilty about binge watching Geordie Shore and consuming two jars of Nutella in a row so I am not so sure what else there would be. I read quite a lot of shit crime book, I feel quite guilty about that.

What’s the craziest that has happened to you on set?

Oh I really do not know! It happens that you walk off with a microphone under your top and then accidentally expose some of your darkest secrets to the sound engineer… Always a bit of a chocker there. Sound engineers has to know so much about the actors haha…

1 word to describe yourself.


 What makes you Happi?

Dogs, dogs, DOGS! Possibly sunlight and mainstream music but I all my friends are too cool for Justin Bieber and sunlight only exists three days a year in Sweden… So I guess mainly dogs.

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