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Axel is a young surfer living in Värmdö, Sweden and tries to have more time in the water then he does on land. He’s an awesome poster boy for the stoke surf brings and he spends most of his winters chasing swells in Bali & Sumatra! He’s traveling to Portugal to compete in the ISA World Juniors Championship and we at Happi asked him to tell us a little about himself.

Hey Axel, What’s up?


Who the hell are you and what do you do?

Who the hell am I?! I’m just a grom living in Sweden, trying to surf as much as possible!

 Yeah about that, how old are you?

Hahaha.. I’m 18! So I’m on my last year living the sweet sweet life as a grom. But I’ll probably always be a grom in my mind.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Whatever nature throws my way. Lately..nature hasn’t been so kind with waves in Sweden, so I’ve been swimming most mornings to keep my fitness up. I also eat a lot of breakfast.


Axel geting bareld in Leftovers, Sumatra Photo: Axel, Go Pro. 

What are the challenges and rewards you face when surfing in Sweden?

The list of challenges is definitely long when you talk about surfing in Sweden. The hardest challenge when surfing in Sweden is definitely the fickleness of all the different surf spots. When you surf late December- early January the cold can definitely affect the surf. (Surfing with ice chunks in the water is scarier than you might think!). The greatest reward when surfing in Sweden is when you get it gooood! When the lineup is empty and you might even find a barrel or two, then it’s all worth it!

Are there people in your field you look up to? Why?

Absolutely!! My dad is definitely one of them! He still has the same stoke as I do when he surfs, considering that he’s over 40. For him it does not matter if it’s-15 in the air when we surf. He just wants to surf! And I think that I get my drive to surf in extreme conditions from him. He really has helped me with everything I know about surfing. I also look up to all surfers who surf in Sweden when the weather is the harshest and coldest. You need a certain drive and psyche in order to surf when it’s that cold! Besides that I look up to all surfers who make a living out of it and does not take it for granted. Sickest surfer in the game is Mason Ho with no doubt! He’s the most entertaining to watch and you never know what he’s going to do next.

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Tell us about the ISA world juniors championship?

I’m beyond stoked about it!! It will be so cool to surf against guys I look up to and try to surf like. My goal is of course to go as far as possible. But however it goes I’m going to be beyond stoked! The whole thing will be an epic learning experience for me and I cant wait! Why did you deciding to compete this year? I felt that I actually have a chance to progress through a heat. I just need some luck going my way and if I play my cards right I might have a chance.

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What are your goals and ambitions?

My goal is to be able to surf all day everyday and to get to travel across the world and get pitted in barrels all over the place! It’s what I want, and I try my hardest to make it a reality. I look up to the Swedish guys like Latte and Meadows and would give anything to surf as much as they do.

1 word to describe yourself.


What makes you Happi?

Getting pitted. My family and friends. Talking to interesting people with a positive mindset. Creating stuff.

More about the ISA competition and the live stream here:


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